Old Habits Die Hard … It’s Time For A New Type of Leader

Old Habits Die Hard … It’s Time For A New Type of Leader

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Chef Keith Taylor came up through the ranks working with chefs who were the old type of leader – the screaming, “my way or the highway” kind of boss, the kind of boss who people can’t wait to get away from. As his career took him into positions of leadership, Chef Taylor made a conscious decision to be a different kind of leader – one who supports his team and helps people grow their careers, the kind of leader that people want to stay with and learn from.

At our recent event, “Through the Looking Glass” – the panel discussion that Cooks Who Care co-hosted with Best Bite at the Make Offices at 17th & Market in Philadelphia, Chef Keith Taylor joined the conversation by adding his perspective on leadership that differs from the brutality that comes to mind when you think of chef behavior, and he addresses why it’s time to stop the glorification of this terrible culture.

New thinking can take root in an outdated kitchen culture. Negative influences have guided the Food & Beverage Industry to be the profession it is today, and many business have been stuck with the old ways of doing things for too long. Unsuccessful leaders fail to adapt – they express negativity and become impatient with lack of immediate results.

Cooks Who Care is a food industry collective inspiring positive, sustainable culture. Do you want to influence a new kind of food industry culture? Then you need some new ideas. Listen to what Keith Taylor has to say, and then ask yourself “What kind of culture do I want to create?”